Re-Issue of a Comic Published During the Civil Rights Era



My previous post, “Comics Can Capture First-Person History” (March 7, 2016) contains a discussion about March: Book One (Lewis & Aydin, 2013). That title is about the life and activism of John Lewis, and is a primary source of information about the Civil Rights Era.

In March: Book One, John Lewis notes that a comic titled Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story was published in 1958 by the Fellowship of Reconciliation (Fellowship of, Hassler & Resnik). It is a powerful example of the importance and timelessness of non-fiction comics.

Currently, this comic is available as a sixteen-page re-issue, and also as a 2014 Memorial Edition!  It is likely to have educated and inspired many people when it was originally published, and promises to continue do so in the twenty-first century.

Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story (front cover above) addresses four general topics:

  • The life of of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • People and events from the Civil Rights Movement, such as:
    • Rosa Parks
    • The 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. as a leader
    • The Walk to Freedom
    • philosophy of non-violence
    • Sleeping Car Porters Union
    • Supreme Court declaration about the illegality of bus segregation in Montgomery
    • Ku Klux Klan
    • church bombings
  • Mahatma Gandhi and the movement that gained India’s freedom from British rule
  • The Montgomery Method of non-violent activism


Fellowship of Reconciliation, Hassler, A., & Resnik, B. (1958). Martin Luther King and the Montgomery story. Nyack, NY: Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Lewis, J., & Aydin, A. (2013). March: Book one. Marietta, GA: Top Shelf.

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