Sunday Knows Her Flip Side

Book cover image retrieved from Goodreads at

Book cover image retrieved from Goodreads at

REVIEW of Carter, Nikki. On the Flip Side: A Fab Life Novel. Dafina KTeen/Kensington, 2012. 250 p. $9.95 Paperback. 978-0-7582-7269-0.

[VOYA codes:]  3Q  2P  J  S

Sunday Tolliver is determined to get her college degree and become an entertainment lawyer.  She is also a talented singer/songwriter and rising star.  As Sunday chats to the reader during her freshman year, she casually flips back and forth between dorm, friends and studying to studio sessions, stage, show-biz ‘family,’ and dollar signs along the way.

For teens who want a touch of everything, this title has plenty of believable characters, romance, family dynamics, cool talk, head-to-toe fashion, show business, and sass.  In the mix there are opportunities – but no pressure – to think about life decisions: Stay in school?  Hang with friends?  Trust your boyfriend?  Stick with talent and success?  Give it up for a dream?

Readers who get hooked by Sunday’s story will love the upfront style, entertaining patois, and with-it scenes.  They will want to find out how Sunday arrived where she is and what happens next, by reading other novels in the ‘Fab Life’ series.  Other readers may tire of the relaxed pace, predictable plot, and frequent ramblings about who thinks what and why it matters to Sunday.  Either way, Carter has crafted a likable story about things that do matter to many teens: friends, music, romance, family, money, and school.

(The review copy includes ‘Discussion Questions’ and an excerpt from Carter’s Time to Shine: Fab Life Novel #5.)

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