Marginalized Teens Talk About Why They Read

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To continue gathering teen input for use in readers’ advisory and collection development, watch a short video from Youth Communication (a non-profit organization dedicated to helping “marginalized youth develop their full potential through reading and writing”).

The video, Teens: Why Do You Read?, highlights 7 teens and their reasons, including:

  • finding time to themselves
  • enjoying peace and quiet
  • seeing themselves in characters
  • relating to other people
  • relating to situations and problems
  • being “in tune with the world”
  • reading “deep” stories
  • improving reading skills
  • gaining knowledge (“Knowledge is power!”)

4 thoughts on “Marginalized Teens Talk About Why They Read

  1. Great find! As an internship, I use to write for Youth communications. I have to go and visit them, its been so long. Hopefully I will have time to watch the video you mentioned. Thanks for posting.


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