Young Adult Reading Interests: Going to the Source

MIicrosoft Office clip art image

MIicrosoft Office clip art image

As a result of interviewing two teens about their reading interests, certain discoveries and learning are summarized here for library science students and librarians:

  • High quality, educational interviews about young adult reading interests are realized by using face-to-face settings rather than phone interviews or communication via screen technology.
  • Family involvement, support, and role models (especially mothers) can strongly influence teens’ reading interests and choices.
  • Teens do not have time to read for enjoyment while school is in session, and they may strongly dislike or be disinterested about literature assignments from their school teachers.
  • Young adult collection development should include consideration of reading lists from local high schools and non-fiction titles that are engaging, as well as familiarity with available movie adaptations of teen literature.
  • Although teens may be comfortable asking for recommendations at the library reference desk, librarians should be knowledgeable and aware concerning both scholarly and popular online sources for book recommendations.

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